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Up World initially started out as a development for ambient music in a level in a 3D action game, specifically, for a Deus Ex mod. The music was inspired by some of the quality music used in Unreal Tournament. What started out as a simple looped song became my pet project over a couple of months and I finally finished up what I consider one of my more polished works so far, published and unpublished alike. Up World to me was a song about a character in a story that was trying to reach a goal while passing through interesting terrain (and for some reason, I sometimes see "colors" in music... and this song to me is a tint of blue), but I think my friend, known in some circles as Callie, said it best when she said, "Overall it sort of feels like the background music from an action film where the hero is running through the city trying to get to someplace before the bomb blows/hostage is killed/etc".

While this sounds like a good interpretation to me, I hope this song paints a picture in your mind as it did for me. Enjoy!

Listen to what some people have said about Up World:

'Glassy and reflective, tense yet reserved, limber electro. I see what you mean about seeing the color "blue". Cool use of chromatics and pentatonic voicings.' - Matthew Dorman

'WOW ...this is cool...but what I envision is this is the track playing with the opening mini flim for Syphon Filter for PS2 with some kick azz real-to-life animation or a cool SciFi flick...you have the musical vision that soundtracks are made from. Loved the texture of the track and yes I do see blue and darker shades of purple at dusk.' - SudoAngel

'Great use of multiple beats...or are those echos... regardless great idea! Very complex piece. Not something you can listen to just once.' - Razman

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