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This instrumental piece is inspired by my favorite time of day... Twilight. Otherwise known as dusk. Whatever you call it... This song is meant to convey the beauty of the evening when the sun has gone down past the horizon, yet it's light casts the sky purple, violet, amber, and that darkest blue before nightfall. This is a journey of the beauty of dusk as it happens around the world. The owls and crickets are making their way out and the moons surface becomes visible to the denizens of Earth. The sky darkens over the Great Pyramid in Egypt, violet in the sky blending with the browns of the Earth. The lush greens surrounding the Great Wall of China keep company with the amber streaks as night falls there... and the darkness in the bottomless Grand Canyon in Arizona contrasts with the deep blue in the sky. The white spray and heavy mists of Niagara Falls seem to blend and flow with the clouds as they billow out and contrast with the purple rays as the sun sinks further past the horizon. The pleasant cool of the evening gently envelopes the leeward side of the planet...

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