About Rhodes of Freedom

With the release of my first CD, Eclectica, I showcased a collection of songs I had created with no common thread other than that they were honest explorations of different genres. With "Rhodes of Freedom", it's quite the opposite.

Rhodes of Freedom is an extreme definition of progressive music as the tracks not only share a common theme or concept, but share some of the same instrumentation and in fact a recurring nine-note motif on one instrument - the rhode piano. While the music is a simple story of the progression of a summer drive, I approached its creation as variations on a theme much the same as is found in a symphonic suite.

I spend a lot of time driving down the highways - through the cities and countryside of California - and during these drives often listen to my favorite uplifting trance artists who weave a tapestry of symphonic stories that paint a picture of the journey I am on and intensify the beauty and wonder of the things I see as I sit isolated in my car. In the span of a few hours I can see palm trees in the foreground of a dazzling azure horizon and cars as far as the eye can see speeding to their destinations on the vast stretches of pavement that bring on the shining skylines of the big city. As my journey on these roads continue, cows can be seen grazing on the greenest grass and cool breezes blow across the fields. Grandiose mountains stand guard where the ocean meets the shore, and the increasingly empty highway carries me further into the sunset where lighted buildings beckon me to glide beyond them... as my thoughts turn toward the familiar streets that lead me home. These are the experiences that inspired this album.

I hope you enjoy this music while it accompanies you on your own journey when you listen to it, whether it be in your car as you experience the serenity of solitude, or in your minds eye as you enjoy it wherever you find comfort listening to good music.

©2005 ADX Music