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[Rhodes of Freedom]
photo by AJ Pascas
Rhodes of Freedom (2005)

I.   Coastal Cruise
II.  Expressways
III. Suburban Nights
IV. City Lights
V.  Heading Home

Rhodes of Freedom is an extreme definition of progressive music as the tracks not only share a common theme or concept, but share some of the same instrumentation including a recurring nine-note motif on one instrument - the rhode piano. While the music is a simple story of the progression of a summer drive, I approached its creation as variations on a theme much the same as is found in a symphonic suite. Read more...

[Eclectica] Eclectica

1. Southwestern Sojourn
2. Up World
3. The Quickening
4. Twilight
5. Eclipse
6. With You Tonight
7. Burn Up
8. The Gumshoe Symphony
9. Chronos

Released in August 2004, my debut album is actually a chronological collection of some of my work between 2000-2004. The links will take you to a page to download the near-CD quality .mp3's for each song.

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